PUBLISH and Ether Lab enter into strategic partnership



Mar 14. 2019


8 읽음

On 8th, PUBLISH entered into a strategic partnership with EtherLab.

Ether Lab a blockchain marketing company, joined the PUBLISHalliance through this business agreement. The two companies will work closely together in the marketing and content businesses, which are their main businesses.

Kim Kyong-soo, CEO of Ether Lab, said, “We will work more closely with the PUBLISH through this business agreement and expect more fruits from the block-chain market and overcome the long winter of industry.”

Sonny Kwon, CEO of PUBLISH, said, “Ether Lab is Korea’s leading blockchain marketing company, and PUBLISH is Korea’s first provider of blockchain media solutions. We will do our best to promote the value and meaning of technology with Ether Lab “

About Ether Lab

Ether Lab is a blockchain business company that is carrying out variety of blockchain businesses and supplying industry’s growth engines. It has grown into a blockchain MICE company by organizing many events such as conferences, mass-production, and forums, and has been working hard to support consulting, marketing, and project listing by establishing strong networks with reliable blockchain companies, exchanges and media.

In addition, is developed and operated to provide accurate industry information, which minimizes problems that may arise in early industries, and improves market confidence, contributing to vitalizing the industry.

About PUBLISH, Inc.

PUBLISH, Inc. is a software service provider for digital newspaper newsrooms. Its mission is to restore financial viability among independent publishers through tokenization. Its initiatives include PUBLISHprotocol, an open source blockchain media protocol; PUBLISHalliance, a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers, and academic institutions tasked with the development and proliferation of PUBLISHprotocol; and PUBLISHsoft, a proprietary end-to-end publishing system enabling publishers to issue their own PUBLISHprotocol-based cryptographic token.

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