KuCoin Weekly Report-Week #181

KuCoin Shares | 02.23| 13

February 15, 2021 to February 21, 2021
Crypto Market

According to the data from Coin Market, KuCoin ranks 7th amongst 302 spot trading platforms.

Bitcoin’s weekly price range: $42,841 — $58,336;

volatility went up. Change: 📉 36.2 %

ETH’s weekly price range: $1,600 — $2,041;

volatility went up. Change: 📉27.6 %

Spot Trading KuCoin Platform

1. Token Listing

Morpheus Labs(MITX) PancakeSwap(CAKE)

2. Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

2.1 Algorand (ALGO) Innovation Competition: A New Way to Transfer USDT/USDC: $35,000 to be Won! LINK

2.2 BOSAGORA T-Fi (True Finance) Released: Net Buy to Share 275,000 BOA! LINK

2.3 MAP Protocol Trading Competition: $20,000 in MAP to be Won! LINK

KuCoin Futures

1. KuCoin Futures Has Launched Binance Coin (BNB) Perpetual Contracts, Supporting 1–50x LeverageLINK

KuCoin Trading Bot

1.Constellation (DAG) Grid Trading Competition, Win a Share of a $10,000 DAG Prize Pool LINK

2.KuCoin Trading Bot Adds 12 New Trading Pairs LINK


1. The PLU-90D Staking Campaign: Stake to Share 12,000 PLU! LINK

2.Algorand (ALGO) Innovation Rewards: USDTa-21D & USDCa-21D Now Available with an APR of 16%!LINK

3. Get Your Share of ALGO Trial Funds with 5,000,000 ALGO to be Given Away! LINK

Technical & Commercial Updates

1. Cosmos (ATOM) Deposit and Withdrawal Services Temporarily ClosedLINK

2. “USDC Trading Carnival: 20,000 USDC Prize Pool + Exclusive Benefits for Trading Bot!” Rewards have been distributed! LINK

3.The Rewards for the “Pool-X Will Launch Hydra Chain (HYDRA) Soft Staking” Campaign Have Been Distributed LINK

4.A Belated Gift: Celebrate the Listing of Dogecoin on KuCoin with 10,000,000 DOGE to Give Away!Rewards have been distributed! LINK

5.Announcement of Deposits and Withdrawals Delay Caused by AWS FailureLINK

6.KuCoin Has Completed the System Upgrade Caused by AWS FailureLINK

7.Celebrate the Mainnet Upgrade of KardiaChain (KAI): Net Buy to Get Your Share of 10,000 USDT! Rewards Have Been Distributed!LINK

8.KuCoin Has Completed the Dock (DOCK) Swap Bonus Distribution LINK

9.Hathor (HTR) Listing Campaign Round 2: Don’t Miss the 100,000 HTR Grand Prize Pool! Rewards Have Been Distributed!LINK

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