IOST Nodes Showcase | 08 Feb 2021

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IOST Nodes Showcase | 22 Feb 2021

The IOST Nodes Showcase shares the progress and outstanding contributions of IOST Nodes. We will also introduce some of the latest elected nodes which have joined the IOST ecosystem to our community in this ongoing series.

Please contact the IOST team if you are a Node and desire your contribution to be included in this report. Please take note that each volume of the IOST Nodes Showcase should only cover recent contributions.

(I) Partner Nodes Summary

As of 10:00, February 17, 2021 (UTC)

  • IOST Candidate Nodes: 474
  • IOST Elected Nodes: 101
  • Voting Volume: ~4.375 Billion IOST
  • Vote Ratio: 26.72%

Data source: IOSTABC Explorer,

(II) Partner Nodes Showcase

Note: Due to the start of Q1 2021 and the high volume of submissions, part of the partner nodes’ quarterly plans are still under revision. These partner nodes will not have to submit any reports while their quarterly plans are reviewed.


1. WaxGourd
2. Xigua
3. Chainnews
4. Heritage Blocks
5. EverSystem
7. Platinum Egg
8. Crypto Times
9. Dstreet
10. QED

1. WaxGourd

After the successful launch of HUSD on WaxGourd Finance, the total amount staked in the contract is now 20,000 HUSD. Also, the airdrop event is still ongoing, don’t miss it!

In the next two weeks, WaxGourd Finance will launch the WG and SAB pools.

Users who hold and stake WG and SAB will benefit from additional IOST rewards.

As of February 17, 2021, WaxGourd has achieved:

  • Number of completed orders: 71,243
  • Total market-making assets: 490,220 IOST and equivalent assets
  • WG circulating supply: 283,951
  • WG price: 0.28 IOST

To know more about WaxGourd.

WaxGourd Finance | Self-managed SWAP+C2C SWAP Goes Live on IOST!

To vote for WaxGourd

IOST Account waxgourd | IOST Blockchain Explorer

2. Watermelon

The mission of Watermelon (Xigua) is to be the Uniswap + MakerDAO of the IOST blockchain and provide decentralized trading and stable coin lending services.

As of February 17, Xigua has achieved:

  • Number of Users: 214
  • Transaction volume: $157,580
  • Number of transactions: 11540

To vote for Xigua.

IOST Account xigua_admin | IOST Blockchain Explorer

Xigua Dapp link:

3. Chainnews

1) Analysis of IOST based on the current global financial market

全球"大放水" 加密数字资产迎来高光时刻,行情还未结束

2) Analysis of the IOST ecosystem in the context of the current crisis

Read more at:

To vote for Chainnews

IOST Account dhxy2019 | IOST Blockchain Explorer

4. Heritage Blocks

Korea’s Donnie Finance to Airdrop 10% of Donnie Token Supply to IOST Holders — Blockchainhub(Crypto portal) Exclusive board posting

[파트너 노드 소식] '한국의 통합형 플랫폼 도니 파이낸스가 전체 공급량의 10%의 도니토큰을 IOST홀더에게 에어드랍합니다'

Donnie Finance airdrop update

HERITAGE BLOCKS 블록체인 암호화폐 : 네이버 블로그

Donnie Finance airdrop update — Blockchainhub(Crypto portal) Exclusive board posting

[파트너 노드 소식] '한국의 통합형 플랫폼 도니 파이낸스가 전체 공급량의 10%의 도니토큰을 IOST홀더에게 에어드랍합니다'

Donny Finance airdrop for IOST holders — Press Release

도니 파이낸스, IOST보유자 대상 에어드랍 진행

5. EverSystem

  • Pracs medical project experiment started last week
  • The application runs on IOS and Android
  • Participants answer some survey on Pracs project


Articles published

  • Free IOST account creation on Sonata

SonataでIOSTアカウントを無料で作る | JIOSTA/ジオスタ

  • Donnie Finance Airdrop

【解説】Donnie Financeのエアドロップについて | JIOSTA/ジオスタ

  • IOST Weekly News

【週刊IOST】Token Link公開&Donnie Finance登場 | JIOSTA/ジオスタ

7. Platinum Egg

  • Developing gaming rewards by IOST (currently only by Bitcoin)
  • Preparing IOST campaign displaying banners inside Crosslink gamin

8. Crypto Times

Articles published

  • IOST Q1andQ2 Roadmap for 2021

$IOST の2021年上半期のロードマップが公開、トップグローバル企業との協業も | CRYPTO TIMES

  • Donnie Token Airdrop

IOST保持者に向けたDonnieトークン / $DON のエアドロップ詳細が判明 | CRYPTO TIMES

9. Dstreet

IOST will announce supporting exchanges of Don Airdrop

IOST, DON 에어드랍 지원 거래소 공지 예정 - 디스트리트 / D.STREET

Bithumb will support Don Airdrop

빗썸, IOST 보유자 대상 DON 에어드랍 지원 - 디스트리트 / D.STREET

IOST Kakao Group Banner


10. QED

Started Ryca 2.0 Phase 0

- We implemented a form of communication UI that makes it easier to communicate with colleagues. + we tested whether the implementations actually make it easier to communicate with colleagues.

- We planned to further expand the target users of Ryca. Previously, it was limited to users who work from home, but now, we expanded the target users so that anyone in a relationship that communicates together and motivates each other can easily use it.

- We’ve added a “Shared Pomodoro Timer” feature to help people connected to Ryca appear more active and motivate each other.


  • YOUTUBE overview: Staking IOST on Binance/ IOST News
  • Staking IOST on Binance: Link
  • News about IOST staking on Binance: Link
  • Donnie Token airdrop for IOST hodlers: Link
  • 3 reasons why IOST price has risen 650% in 2021: Link
  • News about IOST staking on Binance: Link
  • Extension of the promotion until March 31. Double Rewards Until the End of Q1! IOSTBEST doubles daily rewards of their voters!

It is important for existing and new partner nodes to read IOST’s latest node program- Starlight Program that has taken effect immediately in Q4 2020. We are grateful for our partner nodes’ activities and hope this new program will benefit real contributors with good rewards.

The IOST Partner Node Starlight Program- New Program Starting Now in Q4 2020

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