Nano Digest — Bitcoin Suisse, Year in Review, NanoDevList and More!

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Nano Digest — Bitcoin Suisse, Year in Review, NanoDevList and More!

If you hadn’t noticed, slightly more than a lot has happened since your last Nano Digest. Let’s take a moment to catch up on the latest news in the Nano ecosystem, as we prepare to show 2021 what digital money is all about!

Institutional Exchange Support For Nano

We kicked off January 2021 with the announcement that the Swiss-based crypto financial provider Bitcoin Suisse now supports Nano on their platform.

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse offers prime brokerage, trading, custody and lending and was the driving force behind the wildly successful ‘Crypto Valley’ in Zug.

Nano X Bitcoin Suisse

The bank-backed regulated cryptocurrency exchange introduces a substantial basket of corporate and institutional investment tools and services to the Nano ecosystem, providing a pinnacle milestone in the accessibility of Nano to institutional investors.

Nano Xmas Tree Gifts go to Charity

After collecting donations for Simon the Streets throughout December and the winter break, the NanoCenter has announced 414 Nano raised, worth just over $1000 at the time of transfer.

This year’s efforts at the Pixel bar were supported by Nano Italia, who helped drive donations with another interactive take on the yearly nano community tradition.

Kudos to the teams able to demonstrate the technical proficiency of Nano in a fun way, for a great cause, your contributions will make a real difference!

2020 — A Year in Review

2020 Year in Nano

If you haven’t heard, 2020 was a year to remember. Despite adversity, we collectively built on the momentum established through 2019 and were able to capitalize on the opportunities provided.

We can’t express the delight we have in what we all accomplished last year. We have strengthened Nano’s position through determined effort, collaboration, and a laser focus across all aspects of the ecosystem.

Our team put together a comprehensive summary of milestones, accomplishments and product launches, so make sure to take a look back on everything our fine community has accomplished in the last 12 months.

Take a look at the 2020 Year in Review now!

An Unreal Network Perspective

The time has come, you can now watch live transactions on the Nano network with this all-new eye-catching Nano Unreal Visualizer.

Following on from the outstanding work on the recent Nano Unreal project which utilized the Nano Unreal plugin from Core Protocol Developer Wesley Shillingford, the visualizer is available on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

Find out more about how the project came together and underlying tech that powers the visualizer in the announcement blog below:

Announcing Unreal Nano Lite Transaction Visualizer

NanoDev List — Sponsor and Support Your Community Developers

The Nano Developer list launched recently following community-based efforts to support the long term development goals of Nano. Protocol developers, service operators, project advocates and anyone else contributing towards the project can register to receive funding from community sponsors.

This resource ensures a framework is in place that allows for long term distributed crowdfunding of the project, led by the users and stakeholders in the Nano network.

Embracing the new funding scheme, we have committed to sponsoring the resource creator and community developer ‘Json’ and Nendly creator ‘Sonderdev’ for their hard work and commitment to creating a wonderful world around the Nano protocol.

For readers who want a convenient way to contribute to the project, we recommend taking a look through and considering sponsoring one of our hard-working community developers.

Team Update

It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to Andy Johnson, Nano Foundation Communications Manager, who will be transitioning to a Community Manager role moving forward.

Over Andy’s 2 year tenure our communications out-reach has grown exponentially of which we are incredibly proud of. Most of you however will have known Andy from being the first smiley face you see in the community, signposting and pointing those in need to correct resources and supporting community growth, of which we are incredibly thankful.

Please join us in thanking Andy for all his work as we wish him the best for his future endeavours.

Please direct any future communication requests to

Nano Foundation does not endorse or approve products and/or services used or developed by third parties. Any links to third party software or sites are for informational purposes only. Nano Foundation bears no responsibility for the operability, accuracy, legality or content of third party products and/or services. Any questions regarding third party material should be directed to that party.

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