Official Announcement — Recent Hardfork on Cortex Blockchain

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Official Announcement — Recent Hardfork on Cortex Blockchain

A hardfork event occurred at block 3140006 on Cortex Blockchain.

We are working at our full capacity to minimize the impact, with all the resources and partnerships we have.

To date, mining pools, exchanges like Binance, Bithumb Korea, Huobi, and OKEX ( list in no particular order), Cortex Wallet, and Cortex Chrome Wallet have all updated the nodes to the latest version released by the foundation.

The foundation will continue to focus on developing and maintaining a healthy AI-on-chain ecosystem as our primary objective.

About Cortex 😇

Cortex’s main mission is to provide the state-of-the-art machine-learning models on the blockchain in which users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. One of Cortex’s goals also includes implementing a machine-learning platform that allows users to post tasks on the platform, submit AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications).

Cortex is the only public blockchain that allows the execution of nontrivial AI algorithms on the blockchain. MainNet has launched. Go build!


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