MBL snapshot for CBK Airdrop

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Hello from MovieBloc Community,

Celebrating the issuance of CBK of Cobak platform, which was acquired by MovieBloc, CBK Airdrop Event will be held for MBL holders to increase MBL’s utility and promote CBK.

CBK will be airdropped to MBL holders according to the number of MBLs held at the time of the snapshot.

Airdrop will be distributed within a week from the snapshot date. The exact date of snapshot and the ratio of the airdrop amount will be announced later.

  • The snapshot will only be supported through the exchanges.
  • The list of exchanges will be updated via medium.

On the day and the day before the snapshot, deposits and withdrawals may be restricted on exchanges. Please check the deposit and withdrawal policy of the exchange before making a deposit.

Thank you
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