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Dear MovieBloc community,

Since the service acquisition of Cobak ( in March 2020, we have been making endeavors to create a positive synergy that will benefit both services.

In celebration of the holiday seasons and the birth of the launch of the native token of Cobak, CBK, there will be an airdrop event for those who contribute to making the COBAK platform more active and vibrant. All members who have 1) synced their Metamask wallet to Cobak and 2) take part in the following activities will be eligible for a CBK airdrop:

- Membership sign up
- Daily attendance
- Writing a post
- Leaving a comment
- Liking a post or a comment
- Being upvoted as best post

Each activity will give you experience points that will allow you to level up. Please bear in mind that best posts and daily attendance will give you more points than other activities. Also, be sure to follow the community guidelines pinned on the discussion forum.Further details about the exact date of airdrop will be provided soon, so stay tuned and earn your chance to receive CBK.

*Abusing or using abnormal means for the purpose of obtaining an airdrop will be restricted.
*Cobak Management Team may restrict the members’ use of community if each member commits an act that corresponds to the reason for restriction of use prescribed below.

Forum Guideline:


Cobak is the world’s largest crypto community that has a built-in blockchain wallet that launched its service in March 2018 and currently has more than 400,000 members. Cobak has become the only community platform in Korea that provides real-time news on coin investment, announcements of projects and exchanges, from 12 major crypto media sources. Users engage each other whether in relation to information gathering and/or dissemination of community driven and curated information. Cobak has developed user friendly blockchain wallets, and more than 90,000 wallets have been created so far. There have been 40 sold-out token sales which amounts to tokens worth nearly 10 billion won in total.

Cobak Website:
CBK Whitepaper (ENG)

Thank you.
MovieBloc Team | Telegram | Cobak ForumTwitter

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