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Dear KuChain Community,

Updating about Kratos validating node issues from KIT (KuChain Iteration Team — KuChain): KIT found that node Slash punishment was triggered on Kratos beta network, causing the destruction of about 20,000,000 KTSt.

On November 19, 2020, during the repair process of Kratos beta network, 4 Kratos validating nodes triggered validator double signing Slash punishment at block height 657926, causing the destruction of approximately 2,000,000 KTSt (Kratos Beta Test Token) pledged. Kindly remind that KTSt is the test token of the Kratos beta network and cannot be used for any trading or investment activities.

KIT and all the nodes are solving the related issues. KuChain community will continue to update the related review progresses and solutions. Thanks for your understanding and patient waiting.

KuChain Team


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