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Easiest User Onboarding Made Dynamic Growth — Adds Thundercore Tracking

We are thrilled to announce that has officially added Thundercore (TT) to our platform as the 19th blockchain we support. All the most used Thunder dapps could be discovered in the Thundercore Dapp List.

Further integration between and Thundercore Hub, the main entrance to the TT ecosystem will be implemented to further boost the experience for dapp discovery.

We are excited to see that Thundercore has already established an average daily active dapp user of 25,000, ranked Top 4 among the 19 smart contract platforms we tracked — only after Terra, Tron, Ethereum.

Great Onboarding for Both Crypto and Non-Crypto User

Launched as a blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum while providing lightning speed and low gas cost in 2019, Thundercore uses the same language and toolset, with fully decentralized trust that brings scale to dapps. According to Viewblock, Thundercore currently has over 2,500,000 unique mainnet addresses, with an average daily growth of over 4500. To compare, EOS has less than 2.15M unique mainnet accounts according to

Great onboarding strategy for both crypto and non-crypto users worked out really well for them.

  • Crypto Users

Being compatible with Ethereum means TT is easily accessed by major Ethereum wallets such as Trust Wallet, Metamask with a small change to the network setting. Users who own an Ethereum account hold the same address on Thundercore mainnet.

  • Non-crypto Users

Thundercore Hub served as a mobile wallet but way beyond — Social, dapp marketplace, built-in Dex, DeFi services, and gaming. Everyone could experience the latest and fully decentralized services as a TT holder. Access to all the Thundercore Hub services only requires web 2 methods, which makes blockchain accessible to crypto newbies.

Assets Ready — Cross-chain Token Bridge

Token Bridge aims to bring mainstream assets on the Ethereum mainnet to TT mainnet for its fast and low-cost decentralized experience. Anyone who pays a small amount of transaction fee could receive their TT-mapped token within seconds on their TT address. All the assets including WBTC, USDT, USDC, etc. transferred from Ethereum are held in the token bridge smart contracts.

(Token Bridge allows moving major assets between Thundercore and Ethereum)

Why is it important to the TT ecosystem? By bringing assets back and forth between Ethereum and Thundercore, it creates a great UX for dapp users due to the scalability brought by TT.

Remember the $100+ gas fee for every move you made in Compound and Uniswap for yield farming? It only takes a second and nearly 0 cost to complete your token swap via TTswap.

Try to get ahead of the others catching the defi wave? Or have fun with social games on Thundercore?

Discover all of them in the Thundercore Topic!

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