Recognize Your Audience and Grow

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Take a closer look at who your followers are with Audience, the newest addition to Viberate analytics.

Planning your promotion without really getting to know your audience is kind of like writing Christmas cards without knowing who you’ll send them to. It can be fun while it lasts, but lacks purpose.

That’s why we’ve just introduced a new useful feature in our analytics tool: Audience analytics.

Audience analytics are super helpful:

🎙️ If you’re an artist: You get to know your own audience — where they come from, which cities they live in, their age and gender structure, and how many you can find on YouTube or Instagram.

🔭 If you’re a label executive or event organizer. You’ll be able to see the differences in audiences for each artist on your roster or an artist you’re interested in booking, and evaluate your potential marketing efforts.

Without further ado, let’s see how it works.

You’ll find the new feature in the top menu bar on each Artist’s Analytics Page. If you’re a registered user with no active subscription plan, you’ll see the data only for the 50 highest-ranking artists.

Each Artist’s Page will show you the basic audience structure: their age, gender, and where in the world they come from.

🤳 See the Instagram, YouTube and TikTok Audiences.

Each artist’s audience is divided into three channels. This can serve as an interesting first insight into how strong (or relevant) each channel is for a specific artist, as well as how their fans are distributed worldwide.

🌍 Evaluate global vs. local popularity.

By examining the Audience maps, you can evaluate the scale of the artist’s popularity — are they more locally relevant, or are they reaching listeners globally?

🏘️ See which cities listeners come from.

The “Instagram Audience Insights” section displays the cities the fans live in. This gives you useful information for planning gigs and tours or geo-targeting your promotional campaigns.

📈 Spot the artists on the rise with “all-time vs. one month”.

Looking more closely at the audience drill-down, you’ll notice two sets of data. The “all-time” number of fans is the absolute (total number of followers on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok), while the “one-month” set will tell you the number of new fans gained last month on the selected channel.

This gives you a better picture of whether the artist is currently on the rise or has recently released something that resonates with the fans. If you’re interested in a specific country, hit the “Search Country” bar above and assess the artist’s audience data (and one-month changes) for that country alone.

🎯 Know who you’re promoting to.

With insights into audiences, you can fine-tune your marketing and promotional efforts. Once you know that, for example, an artist resonates more with 30-year-old women from Finland than with 18-year-old men from Australia, you can plan tours, venues and targeted social media ads much more efficiently.

More updates will be coming by the end of 2020, so be sure to check in regularly. We’ll keep you posted.

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