[AGOV Finance Mining Reward Upgrade]

Hintchain | 11.19| 19

[AGOV Finance Mining Reward Upgrade Guide]

For a limited period of 2 weeks, the AGOV reward per block will increase from 10 times to 50 times.

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📢You can produce 5 times more AGOV!

The schedule is calculated on a per block basis and is 11,287,638–11,380,681 blocks, approximately 2 weeks.

The multiples for each pair are as follows.
🔸AGOV-ANSW: 60 multiple
🔸AGOV-ETH: 100 multiple
🔸AOGV-WHINT: 50 multiple
🔸ANSW-ETH:10 multiple
🔸USDC-ETH:1 multiple

AGOV Finance offers a very high APY.
APY is automatically calculated in real time, so please be aware of that there can be fluctuations.
🔹AGOV-ANSW: 29,000%
🔹AGOV-ETH: 20,000%
🔹AGOV-WHINT: 18,762%
🔹ANSW-ETH: 10,000%
🔹USDC-ETH: 3.512%

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