How to create an NFT English Auction on BSC.Bounce?

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How to create your NFT Dutch Auction?

  1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet (it is better to use Mozilla Browser + Metamask extension for a stable performance)

2. Once connected, click on the “Your bounce pools”, and then choose “Create an NFT english auction pool”.

Before creating any pools, make sure that you’re operating in Binance Smart Chain mainnet within your Metamask wallet:

3. Fill in your NFT token details in the form and click “Launch”

PROM BIG 30 contract address: 0xc1b9a9b297243521774fbb2cc138e7dfd58e7f2c

Token ID: can be found below.

Congrats! You’ve successfully created your first NFT English Auction Pool.

Winners of PROM BIG 30 event

ID 9: 0x4510795377118e75b01f350f5ebb28168173ce9d
ID 10: 0xa07258157fe8943aacb044c2d942155f629919fa
ID 11: 0x166Ba21985bb350808aFf1104551F87620e74c12
ID 12: 0x478fa4c971a077038b4fc5c172c3af5552224ccc
ID 13: 0x4510795377118e75b01f350f5ebb28168173ce9d
ID 14: 0xd0fbbf7e5d7fbba3b2afd608415ada965a573481
ID 15: 0xd33b153dD0318C897F8ADd0b7E13233DE234Efd9
ID 16: 0x5698969dbf409ca5845998e0bc59bcb539b72e1d
ID 17: 0x797eee36a8da66d7ab19e9bc362eed0de2647190
ID 18: 0xa4317ab9d7df7453d8e0853415e04f7e3a78f78f
ID 19: 0x166Ba21985bb350808aFf1104551F87620e74c12
ID 20: 0x4e026feaadc2d59fcfb2c5926750a801aa905fc2
ID 21: 0x797eee36a8da66d7ab19e9bc362eed0de2647190
ID 22: 0xba171ed2c99fe3e9728daf45ef130435ed9e5a69
ID 23: 0xd33b153dD0318C897F8ADd0b7E13233DE234Efd9
ID 24: 0x8e82ceff3f354ea7414c1321d201b5ea51e2151c
ID 25: 0x084C7B0E1878832Aeb2690780757bfad1f450043
ID 26: 0x13bb424db454c45a83ad4b3f33109ba8a11425e6
ID 27: 0x4510795377118e75b01f350f5ebb28168173ce9d
ID 28: 0xc4c169e830c9d416ea15feac59adaf67a2c58b94
ID 29: 0x084C7B0E1878832Aeb2690780757bfad1f450043
ID 30: 0xb1b59171b71971a34f20265d2dd822207049e525

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