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Greetings, dear Prometeus supporters and Memezator participants! Recently, we’ve started to receive a lot of questions regarding the Memezator rewards, technical issues and the upcoming update.

This article will answer on FAQ and share more light on the new features of Memezator.

Technical issues and current bugs

Recently, some people started to exploit the Memezator contest by registering thousands of accounts with the 1 voting power. To protect our users we will:

  1. Remove all pending rewards from the accounts with 1 voting power (on the reward distribution date);
  2. Remove all pending rewards for the period of 1st-4th October;
  3. Prize pool of those 4 days will be transferred on the first four prize pools after a Memezator 2.0 launch as a bonus;

Please note that we have to take those measures only in order to protect the interest of our users and avoid the system exploit.

Pending rewards distribution

First of all, we are extremely sorry for the delay in the memezator contest rewards distribution. We know that some of you still haven’t received rewards starting from 12th of September.

There are two reasons of those delays:

  1. Speed limitations of Binance Smart Chain infura;
  2. Gas fees;

On average we have to distribute around 5000 rewards on a daily basis with the average transaction cost in $0,06. It would require us to spend around $10,000 on top of other Ignite costs monthly, thus we have to change the reward distribution system.

After Memezator 2.0 launch, we will distribute all rewards on a weekly basis, each Sunday. All pending rewards (except the rewards of accounts with 1 voting power) starting from the 12th of September will be distributed to your wallets until 2.0 launch.

Memezator 2.0 features and spotlight

We will share exact numbers of the reward pool and new rules 1 day before 2.0 launch. However, right now, we can give you a small hint of upcoming features:

  • BEP20 PROM support [In terms of voting power];
  • New Tier system: accounts with 0 PROM will be removed from the contest;
  • PROM short term lock-up to double your voting power for 1 day;
  • Buy voting power for one day with PROM tokens. PROM tokens spent on voting power will be added to the daily reward pool;

and more!

Prom Big 30 NFT event

Due to some technical issues we had to postpone the Prom Big 30 NFT distribution. At the moment we have already distributed 8 from 30 cards. We will resume the distribution tomorrow — on 6th of October and distribute the rest for the next 11 days.

For more information, please, follow us on social media and stay up to date:

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