How to swap your ERC-20 $PROM for BEP-20 $PROM?

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More and more users are asking us questions regarding the Prometheus cross-chain Bridge and how to use it.

Learn how to swap your ERC-20 $PROM for BEP-20 $PROM by reading this comprehensive guide:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your ERC-20 $PROM address in the one field, and your BEP-20 $PROM address in another field

Step 3: Click “Transfer”

Step 4: Copy the wallet from the pop-up window and press “OK”

Step 5: Make the transaction of your ERC-20 $PROM tokens to the address that you copied in the Step 4

Step 6: Check the transaction in the BSC Explorer:

Congrats! You’ve successfully swapped your ERC-20 $PROM for BEP-20 $PROM.

In case there are any problems with the transaction, do not hesitate to contact our support here or in Telegram.

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