How to Swap MBL -> WMBL and Stake on Chickenswap?

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Hello MovieBloc Community,

Here’s the simple way of MBL -> WMBL token swap and chicken swap staking:

1. Log in to and deposit MBL.

2. Go to wallet page, Click ‘WMBL’ then click ‘Withdraw’ button.

3. Please enter certain amount of WMBL you want to withdraw, your ERC-20 address, and click ‘Withdraw’ button.

4. Please enter the generated 6-digits OTP verification code.

5. When the withdrawal is completed, it will be displayed as below.

6. Please select ‘WMBL Wrap!’ on

7. Click ‘Unlock Wallet’ button, then connect to Metamask or WalletConnect.

8. Stake your WMBL by clicking ‘Approve WMBL’.

Thank you.
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