Launch of WMBL’s Chickenswap Mining Pool

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Greetings from MovieBloc team.

We are happy to announce the launch of WMBL’s Chickenswap Mining Pool.
Chickenswap is a new alternative to many of the latest DeFi projects, and in support of their long-term vision and milestones, the MBL team contributes $100,000 to expand the DeFi ecosystem and MBL will be initially deployed on Chickenswap.

What is WMBL-Chickenswap Mining Pool?

WMBL-Chickenswap Mining is a system that allows users to stake WMBL on Chickenswap and receive KFC as compensation. The more WMBL you stake, the more KFC you earn.

The first round of WMBL-Chickenswap will be on September 21st (Monday), and each round will be held for two weeks, with a total of 80 weeks. Users wishing to participate in Chicken Swap can participate in the program in three steps below:

📌Step 1: Execute MBL/ WMBL swap on MovieBloc.

After depositing MBL into MovieBloc wallet, swap the same amount to WMBL. (KYC authentication and OTP setup must be completed) Please withdraw WMBL to METAMASK or WalletConnect.

📌Step 2: Stake WMBL tokens on Chickenswap and get rewarded with KFC tokens

Visit to stake WMBL. The system automatically calculates the user’s share in the staking pool and the corresponding interest and pays them in KFC.

Introduction to WMBL (Wrapped MovieBloc)

The WMBL token is an ERC-20 based token whose value is pegged with MBL with a 1:1 ratio. We have issued WMBL, which can be swapped from MBL, to support various activities in the ERC-20 based DeFi ecosystem.

Thank you.
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