WMBL Swap Launched, a Guide to Token Swap & CBK Air Drop Event

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Hello, MovieBloc Community,

MovieBloc has launched ERC-20 based token, WMBL (Wrapped MovieBloc) in order to advance into the Defi ecosystem.

[A Guide to MBL -> WMBL Token Swap]

The value of 1WMBL equals to 1MBL. Token swap from MBL to WMBL is going to be available from 3 p.m. today on the wallet page at

The minimum amount that can be swapped at a time is 20,000 MBL. If a user enters the amount of MBL the user wishes to swap into WMBL within the wallet, the matching amount of WMBL will be directly into the user’s MovieBloc wallet, and vice versa (will be available very soon).

  • If holders swap MBLs to WMBLs for Defi ecosystem, it is expected that MBL’s circulating supply will decrease. Also, WMBL listing and liquidity pools will be possible within various ERC-20-based decentralized crypto exchanges.

[CBK Airdrop Event as WMBL Launch Promotion]

As we have informed on Twitter last Friday, MovieBloc will airdrop CBK Token to WMBL holders.

For the development of WMBL and MBL ecosystem, airdrop will be carried out in various forms over various times, so please refer to it.

<The First Air Drop event>
The first 100 holders who swapped more than 1,000,000MBL to WMBL will receive 20CBK each, resulting in a total of 2,000CBK.

Also, there will be additional events for WMBL holders in the future, so please look forward to it.

Thank you.
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