WorkBox Acorn Protocol Connection Test Initiated

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On September 16th, 2020, Acorn Protocol and WorkBox began its connection test. As WorkBox is connecting to Acorn Protocol, WorkBox users may receive even more Acorn tokens ($ACN) through the Acorn Rewards Engine operated mission bonuses. Now, users may earn mission bonuses in addition to the regular rewards that they receive by doing daily tasks.

WorkBox to integrate Acorn Rewards Engine

As per the Acorn Protocol connection test, WorkBox will now integrate the Acorn Rewards Engine. The rewards engine will distribute mission bonuses to WorkBox users based on their daily task completions. Currently, WorkBox distributes the same amount of ACN rewards to its users as tata, which is 1,040,000 ACN. The distributed rewards are 1/3 of the actual amount stated in the whitepaper as it is still in its beta phase.

What is a mission bonus?

Mission bonuses are rewarded in ACN to users who complete above a certain number of tasks daily. Mission bonuses are determined based on the user’s level and the number of daily active WorkBox users.

  • Active users: The Acorn Rewards Engine distributes a predetermined amount of ACN to its users. Hence, the amount received will differ according to the number of active users (for details, view our whitepaper.)
  • Level: The user level determines the amount of tasks one can complete daily. Hence, the higher the level, the more tasks a user can complete for a mission bonus.


ACN rewards are similar to the example above initially. But, is subject to change

How is the mission bonus rewarded?

Submitted tasks are evaluated within 24 hours. Once the tasks are assessed as valid, the mission bonus for the approved tasks will be rewarded during the reward distribution window (00:00 GMT) of the following day.


  1. On August 16th, Scarlet completed and submitted 150 tasks between 00:00–24:00 (GMT)
  2. On August 17th, all of Scarlet’s tasks will have been evaluated. And, let’s assume 120 out of 150 tasks were proven valid for Scarlet’s work submitted yesterday
  3. On August 18th, 00:00 (GMT), Scarlet will be rewarded a mission bonus for her completed and approved 120 tasks

Please keep in mind

  1. Mission bonuses are only offered to users who have been KYC approved.
  2. Mission bonuses for the tasks approved on September 16th 00:00 GMT and later will be rewarded beginning friday morning

What is WorkBox?

WorkBox is a crowd work platform where anyone can work online and get rewarded in real-time right from the palm of their hands. WorkBox utilizes TTC Blockchain’s smart contracts, micropayment and instant payment functions to offer the services below.

  • Anyone can work from wherever and whenever via a mobile app
  • The consensus mechanism that assesses the cooperative work of people from all over the world ensures accurate and valid data
  • Via smart contracts, all contributions are transparently recognized and rewarded in real-time

Through WorkBox, clients will be able to acquire accurate data at a fraction of the price and time provided from the existing market. The labor providers (data processors) can complete tasks whenever they want, wherever they are and earn fair rewards.

Where can I download WorkBox?

If you would like to use WorkBox, you must download Acorn Box first, which is an easy-to-use mobile wallet app that can be used by anyone. No matter how much you understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, you can use this app for your benefit.

Download now!

Acorn Box KYC

To participate and acquire mission bonuses, users must get KYC approved first.

Follow these simple steps.

Acorn Protocol
Acorn Protocol is a blockchain based ecosystem for the global network economy. On Acorn Protocol, value can be created by anyone, exchanged with everyone, and users can be assured transparency, security, and efficiency all-in-one. People can now truly cherish the value of data.

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