The Point Policy of the Study Platform DoDream

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Hello, We are DoDreamChain!

Today, we will introduce you to the point payment policy of our studying abroad platform, which is a commercial service of DoDreamChain! ​

The point name of the blockchain-based online matching platform for international students is “DRP (Dream Point ) ”!

  1. Review of studying abroad: If you write a review with images, you will receive 500 DRP, if you just write text, you will receive 200 DRP.

2. Information yard: If you write a post, we will give you 200 DRP.

* The content of payment of DRP points is subject to change through notice in accordance with company policy.

A review of studying abroad is a place where international students share unconventional real study abroad in Korea.

Information yard is a place that shares various information such as university, part-time job, housing, and secondhand transactions.


Any post that does not meet the purpose of the purpose or the content of the agreement may be deleted arbitrarily by the administrator.

All DRP are paid in batches by DoDream managers.

Thank you!

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