Swipe Bi-Weekly Update #7

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Swipe is taking its mission to bring cryptocurrencies to mass adoption seriously as it started the month of September with adding more supported cryptocurrencies on its mobile application, integration of on-demand gift cards, and also the inclusion of SXP on as a mode of payment.

Here are Swipe’s activities and announcements since the start of September:

Use SXP Directly on Travala

Swipe Token ($SXP) holders can now use directly on when making travel bookings on their website or mobile application. Travala is one of the world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platforms and has existing partnerships with Agoda and Expedia, making it easier for users to book their preferred hotel or accommodation in millions of locations worldwide.

SXP on SRM Dex & Upbit

SXP is now listed on Solana-based Serum (SRM) DEX. Traders can now start adding SXP/USDT and SXP/USDC on their portfolios. SXP is also now listed in Upbit with SXP/KRW pairs open for trading.

Swipe Governance Testnet

The Swipe Governance Testnet is now live and can be found on the testnet UI. Proposals are 300,000 $SXP, which can be delegated & pooled by others to total the 300,000 $SXP. To vote, 1 $SXP required and weight is based on your balance at the time the proposal was launched.

On-Demand Gift Cards Now Live

On-Demand Gift Cards are now live under the “Gifts” tab bar menu on the Swipe Wallet App. The on-demand Gift Cards are powered by over 30 cryptocurrencies available in the Swipe Wallet mobile app. Users will be able to buy gift cards from over 100 global retailers directly in the app — with up to 10% cashback.

#GotSwipe Campaign

Swipe has announced the 20 winners of the #GotSwipe campaign contest! Winners, who all shared a photo of their actual Swipe Visa cards, received 500 $SXP each on their SXP addresses.

The team has also announced the second round of the campaign wherein 10 lucky participants will win 500 SXP each by simply following these steps:

Share a photo/video of your actual Swipe Card in action
Use the #GotSwipe hashtag
Follow @SwipeWallet on Twitter

Swipe Coin Listings

In continuing its promise to provide its users a more convenient way of buying, selling, and spending crypto easily, Swipe has been actively adding its supported cryptocurrencies for the past couple of weeks. Cryptocurrencies that are recently integrated into the Swipe wallet app are Serum ($SRM), Solana ($SOL), Polkadot ($DOT), Aave (($LEND), Algorand ($ALGO), Omisego ($OMG), MakerDAO ($MKR), Yearn Finance (($YFI), Hashgraph ($HBAR), Pax Gold ($PAXG), and NEM ($XEM).

Swipe users can now buy and sell these cryptocurrencies with their linked bank or cards, spend to fiat using Swipe Visa card, and swap instantly with all the coins available on the app.

Swipe Governance

As the Swipe team prepares the deployment of the Swipe Governance smart-contracts to mainnet, it’s important to note some high-level details about the protocol can be found at

Stake on Swipe Network with Trust Wallet, Ledger Hardware Wallets & Metamask

$SXP users can now utilize Trust Wallet to stake on the Swipe Network via Wallet Connect. To learn on how to access this feature, follow our step-by-step guide here:

Users can now also utilize their Ledger hardware wallets to stake on the Swipe Network using Metamask. Learn how to access this feature by following our step-by-step guide below:

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