EOSC Weekly Report #108

EOSFORCE | 09.15| 16


Work Completed
1. Refactored the codes of Cosmos isomorphic chain auth module(40%).
2. Researched on the cross-chain implementation of assets based on multi-party threshold signatures.
3. Translated the Cosmos SDK Core Concepts document.
4. Improved the design of Wallet SDK interface on Cosmos Isomorphic Chain.

Plan for Next Week
1. Research on the implementation plan of EVM virtual machine migration.
2. Translate IBC Terminology documentation.
3. Refactor the codes of Cosmos isomorphic chain auth module.
4. Analysis on the source code of Tendermint consensus engine.

Community News
1. The salary proposal for the secretariat of EOSC Mainnet has been approved and is being publicized in the community.
2. The certificate issue of EOSC PC wallet has been fixed.

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