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The First Vite Techie Forum Event

Dear Community,

Vite is two years old now. Thanks for your accompany and support so far. Since Vite’s earliest days, we have developed a reputation for our strength and innovation in tech. We have been asked so many times by enthusiastic community members and developers to participate in the tech discussions with Vite core devs, so they can contribute great ideas and even write code. As such, we are pleased to announce the launch of Vite Techie Forum, a series of regularly-held, text-based online discussion events, where we invite all technocrats to incubate Vite’s future plans!

The topic of the first Vite Techie Forum will be Decentralization of ViteX gateways. We are glad to invite two core dev members, Viteshan and Wills Lee, to join the discussion. Here are details:

What will the next generation of ViteX gateway look like? What are some existing solutions to learn from, or should we create something largely from ground up? Will this be a multi-sig or atomic swap solution? Will smart contracts be used? How about relay chain and witnesses?

Meet us, at 15:00, September 22, HKT, on Discord.

Channel: #vite-techie-forum

Vite Discord Link:


  1. The forum will begin at the scheduled time. The length is 1 hour. You can post questions/comments in the channel prior to the start time, but the content should be aligned with the topic.
  2. Do not spam. Unrelated content is disallowed and will be removed.
  3. Be polite. Show respect to others.

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