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Welcome to the first Memezator community report! It’s been over a week since launch and now we are ready to share with you some results that we were able to achieve.

We are extremely sorry for the technical issues the last couple of days, note that Ignite is still in the beta stage, thus users can face some problems with the access to Memezator and delays.

Users, winners, and participants

Upon a day of launch (2nd of September) Ignite had around 3,500 Users with an average of 500 daily active users. During the first week of the Memezator contest, we were able to double our user base to 7,225 users with an average of 3,000 daily active users.

  • The total number of users who participated in the Memzator contest for the last week is 5,000;
  • 1,679 users shared the prize pool of 9,750 PROM;
  • The most popular Meme during the last week collected 45606 votes;
Meme of the week

Binance Smart Chain activity

Since the Memezator launch and migration to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet, Ignite has generated around 42 000 transactions, which includes 37 000 node transactions and 5 000 token transfers. At the moment Ignite generates around 41% of Binance Smart Chain network activity.

Total amount of Ignite-Binance Smart chain wallets equal to amount of registered users. 1681 winners already received PROM BEP20 on their balances and can verify it via BSCscan.

Please note that you can access your BSC wallet via MetaMask using the private key of your Ignite account.

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