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Hello, MovieBloc community,

We are delighted to share that we have now integrated the Theta Network video delivery protocol, powering decentralized streaming across the entire MovieBloc platform.

MovieBloc joined hands with Theta in March 2019, and CEO Mitch Liu has been an advisor to MovieBloc. By integrating Theta Network’s video sharing protocol, MovieBloc and Theta cooperates on an actual service layer.

Now users can earn TFUEL tokens just for watching MovieBloc contents and sharing it peer-to-peer with other users. As part of the integration, MovieBloc has purchased an allocation of Theta Fuel (TFUEL) tokens to reward their users with, which incentivize users to share video streams over the Theta Network. Users can earn these tokens for watching MovieBloc’s award-winning movie contents including upcoming film festivals.

“We’re thrilled to bring Theta video delivery to the MovieBloc platform and community. Bringing Theta and MovieBloc together gives users the top blockchain video experience anywhere in the world, and showcases how blockchain rewards will drive the next evolution in video streaming,” said Theta CEO Mitch Liu.

“With Theta protocol integrated, we look forward to seeing the below effects on MovieBloc service: expanding user participation, reducing the cost of delivering content, and increasing market share. Ultimately, we expect this cooperation to be an opportunity to experiment with new ways of delivering content and to drive blockchain mass adoption,” said Chris Kang, CEO of MovieBloc.

Please note that TFUEL wallets which will be used to receive TFUEL compensations for adding and sharing P2P bandwidth will be added on the afternoon of September 4th, 2020 at MovieBloc Service, and TFUEL withdrawal details will be announced later.

Theta Network (THETA)

Theta Network (THETA) aims to develop a more efficient way to distribute any type of content and data worldwide through an incentivized peer-to-peer network. The Theta blockchain uses its tokens to encourage individual users to share excess computing power and bandwidth resources as a relay node for video streams. This mechanism can improve the quality of video streams and solve the “last mile” transmission problem, which is the main bottleneck of traditional information transmission channels, especially for 4K, 8K video and next-generation VR video. With sufficient network density, most users can pull video streams from peer Theta nodes, and video platforms can significantly reduce their costs of content delivery.

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