MovieBloc x DMZ Industries, Joint operation of media libraries

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Hello from MovieBloc team,

MovieBloc will organize a media library as an official sponsor of the DMZ Industries organized by the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, a leading documentary film festival in Asia.

After signing MOU with DMZ International Documentary Film Festival last year, MovieBloc supported online screening and global distribution of two award-winning DMZ Industry films. This year, MovieBloc will provide media libraries for guests, domestic and foreign distributors and documentary directors of DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, for project rough-cuts and trailer viewing, on MovieBloc platform for about two months from September 21, 2020.

For guests who cannot visit the festival in person due to Covid-19, MovieBloc will open a page for DMZ Industries and documentary creators looking for opportunities such as overseas co-production or investment, and provide viewing data to the DMZ Industries to contribute to matchmaking.

Through this collaboration and the provision of media libraries, we hope to provide domestic and foreign industry officials and documentary creators with the opportunity to experience the MovieBloc platform and improve their awareness of our platform in the industry. Furthermore, the goal of segmenting data related to content playback, which is important to film festivals and creators, will also be achieved.

DMZ Industries

DMZ Industries is Asia’s largest documentary film festival and is an industry-specialized platform based on the network that the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival has accumulated over the past 11 years. By exploring promising documentary projects in Korea and Asia, we are providing support for the promotion of documentary production by establishing a customized support system that covers the entire process from planning and development to production, investment attraction, second half work and distribution.

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