ONT & ONG Now Listed on UniSwap to Support All Types of DeFi Products on Ethereum

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Following up on Ontology’s successful completion of the development of its open-source DID smart contract on the Ethereum network, both ONT and ONG can now be swapped on the Ethereum blockchain, as cross-chain liquidities on Ethereum. ONT and ONG are also listed on the UniSwap platform, supporting all types of DeFi products in the Ethereum ecosystem.

This move marks Ontology the first mainstream public blockchain that has completed cross-chain communication to Ethereum. Digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain can now be swapped to the Ontology blockchain. Bi-directional cross-chain communications are enabled between Ontology and Ethereum.

eONT official contract address:


eONG contract address:


As Ontology completes DID smart contract development on Ethereum, Ontology’s bespoke decentralized identity solutions, defined in this instance by the addition of a new smart contract method did:etho:, can now be used not only across the expansive Ethereum network, including a range of popular DeFi applications, but also most chains that run EVM virtual machines. Ontology aims to make its Decentralized Identity (DeID) solutions available across any chain, as part of its ongoing effort to achieve full cross-chain functionality.

Successfully completed the cross-chain communication of digital identity and digital assets on Ethereum is another milestone for Ontology. It follows the recent launch of Ontology Mercury, a trusted, Decentralized Identifier (DID) based peer-to-peer communication framework; the official release of Ontology’s new Decentralized Identity Solutions, designed to help crypto holders and traders manage and exchange digital assets in a more secure and streamlined manner; and a recent collaboration with NEAR Protocol, Elrond Network, and Waves Platform among others to advance the development of secure decentralized identity solutions.

Ontology’s credit and decentralized identity solutions will be applied to more blockchain ecosystems to further redefine trust.

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