Ontology Weekly Report (August 19–25)

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This week we celebrated the successful completion of the next-stage development of our open source DID smart contract (did:etho:) on the Ethereum network. Furthermore, we joined forces with Neo and Switcheo to announce the launch of Poly Network, a heterogeneous protocol that will enable cross-chain interoperability while greatly increasing transparency and accessibility.


- Completed 20% of Ontology GraphQL interface development

- Layer 2 v0.3 released

Product Development

ONTO v3.2.0

- ONTO organized a special initiative in August geared towards encouraging users to collect NFT medals. Users who tried the latest credential templates function are eligible to collect the limited NFT “Explorer” and “Supporter” medals.

ONTO v3.3.0

- Completed 50% of development


- 70 dApps live on Ontology

- 6,051,367 dApp-related transactions since genesis block

- 4,425 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program

- Currently recruiting SDK community developers

- 1 new application for SDK bounty

Community Growth

- We onboarded 79 new members across Ontology’s Filipino, Dutch, and German communities.

Newly Released

- Ontology successfully completed the development of the next stage of its open-source DID smart contract on the Ethereum network. The new smart contract method did:etho:, brought by Ontology’s tech and product teams, can be used across the Ethereum network and within a range of popular DeFi applications, as well as across most chains that run EVM virtual machines.

- Ontology, Neo, and Switcheo jointly announced the launch of Poly Network, a heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance. Poly Network will permit cross-chain interoperability, greatly increasing transparency and accessibility. Enterprises leveraging different blockchain infrastructure can connect to Poly Network, and collaborate and interact with each other through an open, transparent admission mechanism.

Global Events

- John Izaguirre, Ontology’s Europe Ecosystem Lead, was invited to a panel at Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 (IBW2020) to exchange insights on DeFi projects with other project founders and executives of Tron, Binance and Aave. John said, “The DeFi projects available in the market have yet to demonstrate full reliability, and barriers remain between DeFi projects and traditional financial projects. Ontology’s DID solutions are specifically tailored to tackle these problems as users’ assets and their credit levels can be integrated into the OScore system, a new capability that will greatly benefit the industry as a whole.”

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