Moviebloc partners up with Gyeonggi Film School and hosts an Online Film Festival

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Moviebloc partners up with Gyeonggi Film School Federation and hosts an Online Film Festival

Hello MovieBloc Community,

The 6th Gyeonggi Film School Festival will be held on September 25, 2020 on Moviebloc.

Gyeonggi Film School Festival 2020 has joined hands with MovieBloc to hold an online film festival showcasing how to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and to ensure the security of screenings and stable operation of the first ever online film festival. The festival will begin on September 25 and run for 10 days until October 4.

For the first time, video clips of opening and closing ceremonies and various event footages will be released on Moviebloc for three days until the 27th, and more than 70 screenings will be shown during the 10-day event. The films will consists of student films from the Gyeonggi Film School Federation and international film schools from the United States, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.

The online film festival will also feature a ‘Web Seminar for International Film Schools’ program, which will be attended by faculty members from nine foreign schools and supervised by professors from the Gyeonggi Film School in Korea. In addition, we are preparing video clips of opening and closing ceremony , director commentary, Cine class, and international film school seminar. Please tune in to the online film festival prepared by Moviebloc and Gyeonggi Film School Festival.

Gyeonggi Film School Festival

Gyeonggi Film School Festival is a film festival sponsored by Gyeonggi Province and hosted by the Gyeonggi Content Agency and the Gyeonggi Film School Federation. The Gyeonggi Film School Union has nine universities (Gyeonghee University, Dankook University, Daejin University, Dong-A Broadcasting University, Myongji University, Sungkyul University, Sungkyul University, Suwon University, Yongin University), four high schools (Gyeonggi Arts High School, Gyewon Arts High School, Anyang Arts High School, and Korea Animation High School) and four schools in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan (Yunan Arts University, University of Traditional Chinese Studies, Hong Kong City University, Choyang University of Science and Technology, Tainan National University of Arts, Tokyo University of Art and Kyoto University of Art). The festival was started with the aim of fostering film professionals and spreading film studies in Gyeonggi-do, which has the highest concentration of film schools.

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