MovieBloc Covid-19 Short-form Documentary Production with Independent PD Association

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MovieBloc Covid-19 Short-form Documentary Investment and Production

Hello MovieBloc community,

MovieBloc and Pandora TV will be working with the Documentary producers to invest in three short-form documentaries under the theme of Covid-19.

MovieBloc Covid-19 short-form documentaries will resemble the story of a prolonged social distance, the social crisis and damage that has been dampened by fears of a second wave, and people living in new ways in these situations (covid-19 new normal). The documentaries will be produced for a total of 3 episodes, 20 minutes each. The project began in July 2020 and will be produced and edited from August to September and will be released in October.

Producer Ho Joon Kang, Jung Nam Park, Myung Woo Lee, and Si Yeon Byeon, writer KimBora Lee and So Young Park will participate in the production. Producer Hong Joo Ahn of “Nut Job” and producer Byung Seok Kam, who won the 92nd Academy Award for short documentary “In the Absence” will participate as project advisors.

The preview video will be released on MovieBloc’s YouTube channel, and we are planning to sell to other platform or copyright abroad. In addition, we plan to continue our production investment for various short-form movies, so please look forward to it.

Thank you
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