MovieBloc Roadmap for Second Half of 2020

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Hello MovieBloc Community,

Moviebloc is an ontology based participant-oriented film platform that focuses on service development and business diversification. The roadmap for the second half of 2020 includes strengthening service qualities, holding online film festivals, planning a token utility program to promote Crypto user participation, updating pick services, reflecting bug reports, and so on.

[ Summary of Major Points for Roadmap 2020 ]

# First Half of 2020 Summary

  • Service Enhancement: MBL, Paypal, Payco payment system integration, PICK launch, mobile App launch (Android), personal upload open, OTP and KYC verification, uploader revenue management
  • Content Enhancement: 150 short films (added: documentary genre), 2 Drama series, and feature films
  • Content Partnership: MOU with 4 short film distributors, 1 drama distributor, and individual producers
  • Business Expansion: establishment of MBL Media and animation investment with Hollywood Teams, collaboration with Film Festivals, acquisition of Cobak, production of Momoland short-form documentary and making film
  • Mainnet Change: MovieBloc service token swap (ERC-20->OEP4)
  • Exchance Listing: Binance, Ontology Dex, Tokok, Hitbtc

# Second Half of 2020 Summary

  • Content Enhancement: diversification of genre, launch package products/ curation services
  • Online Film Festival: collaboration with various Film Festivals
  • MBL Usecase Expansion: improved benefits for crypto users
  • Strengthen Services and QA: customized data analysis for the online film festival, and simplification of film payment system.
  • Home Page Reorganization: addition of film festival and curation-oriented page, redesign of easy UI/UX to access a number of paid short films
  • Strengthen supporters and marketing campaigns to expand the MovieBloc ecosystem
  • MovieBloc Wallet Enhancement: DeFi (Decentralized finance) launch/ staking promotion service launch
  • Technology development cooperation

We will do our best to implement the roadmap for the second half of the year as scheduled. Please stay tuned.

Thank you
MovieBloc Team | Telegram | KakaoTwitter

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