Smart Investing with Sandbank Crypto Loan

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Trading cryptocurrencies is not the best and only way to earn a profit anymore.

Sandbank crypto lending enables borrowers to take on a loan with the highest LTV in the market — 70%, meaning one can get $700 worth of USDT with implementing $1,000 worth of BTC guarantee or collateral.

Borrowers can now utilize this leverage for higher-value trades, such as margin trading. Sandbank platform can let your crypto holdings go out and seek extra profit for you, whereas the only way to make a profit out of a crypto investment before was to hold until price increases and sell at the right moment.

Sandbank is one of the few platforms that provide both crypto loan and investment services for clients. We believe our special offer helps crypto investment become much more interesting than it used to be.

  • Here is a short example of how to utilize sandbank:
  • Total Profit & Cost Calculation for Above Example:
  1. USDT loan interest: 5,000 USDT x 1% / month = 50 USDT
  2. BTC investment profit: 0.7 BTC x 0.25% / month= 0.00175 BTC

50 USDT - 0.00175 BTC = about $37.75 (=12% interest rate becomes 9.06%)

3. Withdrawal fee: BTC = 0.0005 BTC / USDT = 3 USDT

4. Total Cost = $34.75

The total cost spent in this transaction is $34.75, whereas the total profit earned is $1,000 worth of USDT. Congratulations! You’ve just earned extra profit without selling a single satoshi of your Bitcoin.

There is no need to fulfill excessive bank conditions, create a bank account, wait for a long approval time, or worry about getting rejected for nationality or citizenship.

Just sign-up, request for a loan, let 70% of your digital asset work for you.

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