Sandbank Digital Asset Banking Official Launch

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We are pleased to announce that sandbank, our new crypto banking platform where investors can take instant crypto loans and earn high interest on crypto deposits, will be officially launched on June 13th, 2020.

Therefore, our prior service brand DAG will be officially terminated at the same time. DAG website will shut down from 04:00 AM on June 13th for server maintenance and is expected to resume at 11:00 AM.

From then, you can access the sandbank platform through either or

All users’ assets and records will be safely transferred to the new platform prior to the launch. Existing DAG users can continue using their account ID and Password on the new sandbank platform.

As a launching promotion, the existing DAG users and the new users registering to sandbank during the first month since the launch will get access to invest in ‘Best Interest Guarantee’ product, where the highest interest rate available in the crypto banking market is automatically applied to the user’s daily profit on investments.

Sandbank will cultivate a new generation of crypto investment by fostering a cryptocurrency based asset management environment, specializing in the ability to share a constant risk-free and high-interest earnings to clients by offering innovative crypto-backed financial products.

We sincerely invite the worldwide digital asset community to share in the excitement of this day. Afterall, sandbank is not a small step for the cryptocurrency community, it is a giant leap for the entire financial industry.

Thank you!

sandbank Team

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