Sandbank to join 2020 Google for Startups Residency

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In the midst of COVID-19 global pandemic depressing every corner of businesses and economy, we are thrilled to announce that sandbank has been selected to be part of the 2020 cohort for Google for Startups Residency at @GoogleStartups, a program for promising growth-stage companies.

Google for Startups (formerly known as Google for Entrepreneurs) is a startup program launched by Google in 2011, consisting of over 50 co-working spaces and accelerators in 125 countries, offering hands-on lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. It partners with local startup communities as well as a network of co-working spaces popularly known as Google Campus for tech startup entrepreneurs.

It offers access to Google’s devices as well as tools and workshops for the local tech community. Each startup receives tailored mentorship across the globe to support on technical and product problem-solving.

Campus Seoul is the first Asian Campus opened in 2015.

By joining a selected group of startups from around the world that Google is proud to support, sandbank is fully prepared to “make your digital asset work for you”.

Sandbank is a digital asset banking platform where users can take out crypto loans and receive interest earning on crypto deposits. We continue our effort to attract more savvy crypto investors for the short-term, but we also put a great value on letting non-digital asset holders be aware of the importance of digital asset finance. Google’s global network connected to numerous corners of businesses and industries will definitely help us achieve it.

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