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The time has come for Beam’s 1st community call!

With some huge steps being taken on the development and product fronts, and a big shift of focus towards confidential DeFi coming with the latest Hardfork, what better time for Beam’s 1st Community Call.

The community has always been at the heart of Beam, and it is with your support that we continue to grow and push forward together.

The Agenda:

The call will be be broken into three parts:

5.2 Kickoff:
To get things rolling Beam Tech Lead, Alex Romanov, will take us through the intricacies of the upcoming Eager Electron 5.2 developments, present the list of features that are being considered, and seek community opinion on what to prioritise.

DeFi Architecture:
Alex will then walk us through the Beam DeFi architecture, what it means, how it will be possible, and what opportunities it creates. It will be a great chance to get more familiar with what is being built out, and what it means for us as a community.

This is where you step in!!
Much of what Beam entails includes the great suggestions and feedback from the beloved Beam community. Here we will be able to ask questions, and give any feedback or suggestions on the upcoming developments, confidential DeFi rollout and Beam in general.

Come prepared with your toughest questions and most meticulous feedback!

Save the Date

Date: 12th of August, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM, Eastern Time

Location: TBA closer to the date - the event will be a live video call

See you there!

It’s with great pleasure that the first Beam community call will take place, and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Confidentially yours,

Team Beam

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