Beam Web Wallet 1.0.0 — Testnet — Release Notes

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Beam Web Wallet 1.0.0 — Testnet — Release Notes

Release Date: 5th August 2020

This is the initial version of two complementary products:

General info:

  • Privacy first: you, and no one else is the seed phrase keeper
  • The release is compatible with Eager Electron 5.1 products that are currently being developed


  • Both full-screen and extension mini views to see your balance, transaction status and history
  • Send and receive Testnet Beam coins using transaction tokens
  • Observe the status of your transactions in real-time
  • View the list of available, locked and spent coins in the UTXO (unspent transaction outputs) screen
  • The sender can create and verify the proof of transaction
  • Integration with community faucet to receive BEAM and try the wallet right after the installation
  • Privacy mode, well-known in Beam mobile wallets: tap the little eye icon and make the balances “disappear” till you’ll toggle the icon again

Points to mention:

  • Transaction tokens replace SBBS addresses from 5.1: these tokens look like longer addresses and also include additional information such as requested amount, currency type, transaction type etc.

Known limitations:

  • The restore from seed phrase is yet to be implemented (it’s a Testnet release and you can always get more Beam from the community faucet)
  • Only single-use tokens are supported: once issued, the token will remain active for 12 hours.

Link for downloading from the web store:

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