Dota 2 New 7.24 Patch Notes

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Icefrog and Co released a new patch a few moments after Clement picked up a Dreamleague cup in Leipzig. Valve has made changes to the map and shrines as well as updating the heroes and items.

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General Changes

  • Now heroes have a separate slot for neutral items. Each hero can wear no more than one neutral item active.
  • Now the fountain has a common hiding place. The neutral items are there, not on the ground. Right-clicking on an accessible item in the new interface will place it in the hiding place or in the courier so that it can be picked up. The new interface also shows the status and location of the remaining items that have fallen out.
  • The neutral item can be instantly moved to the shared hiding place by selecting the desired item from the context menu (from the backpack or neutral cell).
  • The number of cells in the backpack has beenreduced from 4 to 3.
  • Now each team can fall out of four neutral items of each category (chance of falling out is increased from 9% to 10%).
  • The chance of falling out of neutral items from ancient creeps is now three times higher.
  • The shrines have been removed from the map.
  • Outposts have been moved to the main forests on each side.
  • Overview of outposts was changed: previously there was an unrestricted view in a radius of 1,400, became ground in a radius of 700 (invisibility radius was reduced accordingly).
  • Now the outposts are initially owned by their teams, and they can be captured at any time (the first award is still given at 10:00).
  • The location of the trees in the places where the outposts were located has been changed.
  • The middle camp of neutral creeps in the main forest of the Dark Force has been slightly shifted.
  • Runes of wealth from the lines have been moved to additional forests.
  • All talents that increase gold per minute have been removed.
  • Void Spirit and Snapfire added to Captain’s Mode.
  • Hero revival time at levels 1–5 has been increased from 6/8/10/14/16 to 12/15/18/21/24 seconds.
  • Buyback price increased from (100 + value/13) to (200 + value/12).
  • The death of the courier no longer stops a passive receipt of gold.
  • Each player’s reward for killing the courier has been increased from (25 + 5* level) to (30 + 7* level).
  • Courier revival time in seconds has been changed from (50 + 7* level) to (60 + 7* level).
  • Speed of the courier movement has been increased from 280 to 290.
  • Couriers can no longer place wards at level 15.
  • Couriers can no longer use items on level 25.
  • Ability charges are now highlighted in a separate interface, not as positive effects.
  • Close Combat attack radius on Observer Ward and Sentry Ward is increased by 150.
  • Items on Level 5 now drop out after 60:00 (see item changes below).

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