Community Opinion Survey of SEELE’s Granularity Subdivision

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SEELE has been a public chain designed to meet the needs of industrial development since its birth. In the past two years, we have worked with global industry partners to explore the landing scenarios and applications of the combination of blockchain technology and blockchain industry, which have made considerable progress.

With the upcoming large-scale application embedding, SEELE will be used for large-scale, fragmented knowledge calculation and data asset transaction services in industrial application scenarios. At the request of industrial partners, SEELE needs a smaller granularity to meet the needs of industrial scenarios.

The specific operation plan is as follows:

The assets held will not have any loss and impact. This granularity subdivision will be realized automatically by technical means, needless of the operation of currency holding users. After the split, it will be more conducive to the flexibility of the transaction and increase the room for currency value to rise.

In order to understand the opinions of token holders, this community opinion survey of SEELE’s granularity subdivision operations was issued.

Survey Time: 12 am. 24th April-12 am. 27th April

Please click the link to participate:

It is needless to log in for this survey. Please read the explanation of SEELE’s granularity subdivision operation on the page, select “Support” or “Not Support”, and select your Exchange at the bottom of the page, leaving your UID and the number of your holding shares.

Your opinion is of great significance to the future development of Seele, thank you for your participation!

Seele Team

23rd April 2020

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