Industrial Implementation and Development of Seele

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Seele has recently carried out many upgrades in technology, ecology, resources, capacity and thereafter it will complete industrial implementation and further development.

Seele’s future development will use healthcare and finance as the main application scenarios, and conduct global transactions for data, knowledge and algorithmic properties. The project reshapes the knowledge acquisition and iteration methods, data exchange and sharing methods represented by healthcare, so that each of the participants becomes a platform. Through collaborative innovation and inspection practice, the construction and development of the knowledge rights system is promoted at high speed, which provides a more powerful impetus for improving the well-being of the whole human being.

With the help of technologies of blockchain, smart contracts, cognitive computing, Seele has realized decentralized industry data sharing and knowledge calculation, which can support financial, healthcare, and other industrial applications. Besides, Seele uses the power of digital infrastructure to promote scientific and technological progress.

Seele has a wide range of application prospects in the financial field, such as cross-border payment and clearing business, the whole process can be written in the form of contracts, including clearing and settlement, AML and KYC; In the application of asset securitization, the definition of asset securitization, income distribution, and risk control are issued in the form of contracts, which greatly simplify the process and realizes complete automation.

Seele Will Play a Vital Role in Financial Sector

Many problems such as irregular diagnosis and treatment, unbalanced resource allocation, ineffective communication, and serious lag in the efficacy evaluation system exist in the current medical system, and severely restrict the sustained healthy and stable development of the entire industry. At the same time, a large number of technology companies, research institutes, and social security institutions who want to participate in advancing medical development and optimizing the medical experience have struggled in vain. Seele can spread and share medical knowledge stored in the minds of doctors through blockchain technology, which can effectively improve the quality of human life and enhance the happiness of all people.

Blockchain Technology Improves Health Management Level

At present, Seele’s hardware equipment in the medical field is also under active research and development. Through software and hardware collaboration, it will bring great convenience to personal health management and improve regional governance.

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