Four Major Upgrades Make Industry Comprehensive Implementation of Seele

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At the end of 2018, there was a market turmoil in blockchain industry, the long-standing depressed market environment made many domestic and foreign companies to die out. In this difficult time, a group of projects with positive change and stable foundation survived. Seele was one of them.

In the past year, Seele actively sought breakthroughs, continuously improved its technical structure and ecological environment, and overcome one problem after another with its strong vitality. Now, through the comprehensive upgrade of technology, ecology, resources, and capacity, Seele will carry out the industrial landing in an all-round way and reap its fruits in 2020.

Concept Map of Seele

For any blockchain company, the accumulation of technology is its foundation. Seele has not been lax about its constant pursuit of technology. From the initial MPoW algorithm, multiple elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, to the subsequent EDA transmission protocol, Stem sub-chain protocol, which all shows Seele’s continuous efforts to improve the level of technical architecture. In 2019, Seele proposed a brand new technology system for circulation restrictions caused by traditional closed system or independent system in the process of knowledge globalization and industrialization. Seele is based on blockchain and uses a new smart contract architecture to build an industrial digital infrastructure resource circulation platform. It innovatively realizes the exchange and processing of resources by all parties in the industry without affecting the ownership of digital infrastructure resource, and data properties are being obtained. Under the condition of strict protection, it will fully flow and allow the value of digital infrastructure resource to be infinitely enlarged, thus building a global knowledge circulation network.

While improving the technical architecture, improving the ecological field and achieving ecological upgrading is also one of the key tasks Seele is currently doing. In an ecological environment in which smart contracts grow, the contract library generates application value through the programmable method of blockchain smart contracts. Encourage developers to create a better contract library, and in the meantime, reduce the difficulty of landing industrial applications. In the application, Seele selects the current high-frequency application scenarios, accesses various knowledge computing operating systems and data property trading systems, and serves the global transaction of data, knowledge, and arithmetic properties and realizes the definition, storage, transfer and transformation of resources and properties on the value Internet, thus promoting the integration of value Internet business and traditional Internet business.

The number of cooperation resources plays an important role in the implementation of the project. To this end, Seele is also constantly upgrading and expanding its resources and actively seeking partners. As a public chain project, Seele has always taken the industrial landing as the ultimate goal, so it is also very cautious in the selection of partners. Through years of accumulation, Seele has reached project cooperation with a number of trusted partners in different field such as finance, medical, industry, logistics,whose name will also appear in the release of industrial landing information in various fields in the future.

In order to match the upgrade of technology, ecology and resources, Seele is also constantly expanding its own capacity. Seele believes that in the near future, the huge value brought by capacity upgrade will be presented in all aspects.

2020 is a year inundated with challenges and opportunities for Seele. It is believed that through long accumulation, Seele will be well-grounded to achieve the goal of multi-sector industrial landing.

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