Early completion of MBL token distribution for private investors

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Hello MovieBloc Community,

After July 2020, we are pleased to inform our token holders that the MBL token distribution for our private investors is completed sooner than we previously announced on July 2019.

As announced on July 26th 2019, The foundation has distributed the token to private purchasers for 9 months, starting from November 2019. As of July 4th, we completed token distribution for private investors which was supposed to last until October 4th.

After a close communication with our private investors, MovieBloc has purchased back the remaining locked private token (the rest 3 months of token distribution amount), in order to control the circulating supply of MBL.

For the transparency purpose, these tokens will be transferred to our Ontology Node wallet and be locked up for at least one year. Total lockup amount is 322,321,429 MBL.

Private Wallet → MovieBloc Ontology Node txid:
MovieBloc Node link:

As a result, there will be no further distribution for private investors after July 2020.

We would like to say thank you to our private investors for the cooperation and their support. We will continue to share various updates about the development of the MovieBloc.

Thank you,
MovieBloc Team

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