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$BTC price is climbing up while earning Bitcoin seems so hard? Not at all. Besides the 6 products to earn free Bitcoin with a whoosh, we’d like to give you 2 more passive income ideas today. Earn Bitcoin When Your Data Is Used

Do you want to take back control of the thousands of data points you produce every day and don’t even realize? helps you to get your data earning back into your pocket.

Simply install the extension on your Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave browser, and log in with your Blockstack account. Then you can anonymize yourself on the internet and request Bitcoin from anyone who tries to access your data.

Companies using services like Google Analytics or Mixpanel won’t see your email address, IP, click, and other events. Websites will see your pageviews as a payment request from with no PII attached. Once a company pays the Lightning invoice, your Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. data tracking will resume automatically. The earning stores in a custodial wallet. You can withdraw it whenever you like.

A brilliant idea to protect your privacy and show people how earning and paying with Bitcoin is incredible!

Lolli: Earn Bitcoin When You Shop Online

How to make it easy to earn Bitcoin? Try Lolli. It helps you earn Bitcoin when you shop online.

Lolli is a Bitcoin reward browser extension that supports Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Simply download and activate the extension, and it notifies you when you are surfing their many partner stores, including 1,000+ top brands. Then you can earn free Bitcoin rewards back for all your online purchases. Lolli only supports the US at this time.

How do the rewards process? Lolli will send you an email with the estimated rewards within a few days after your initial purchase. Once your purchase gets verified by the merchants, the free Bitcoin will be sent directly to your Lolli wallet! The Bitcoin reward percentage is determined by the participating merchants, up to 30% back!

Here are some of the partner brands. Plenty of choices!

Passive earning Bitcoin can be easy and fun!

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