Swarm City High Level Roadmap: Episode 4

Swarm City | 07.28| 34

Frank and Tom complete their deal.


For a complete overview, please read: Swarm City High Level Roadmap Overview.

Every Episode is a development sprint. Each Episode consists of a set of Epics devs must work through in order to create the functionalities highlighted in the Episode.

After each sprint the dev team will show a functioning DApp demo in which the scenario described by the Episode is played out.

Once an Episode is completed, devs are free to move on to the ensuing Episode.

S01 E04: The Successful Deal

In episode 4, Frank and Tom successfully complete a deal.

When a deal is successfully completed both users gain reputation. Frank can view his new reputation, while Tom verifies that he received his SWT.

Finally Tom’s got his SWT. He knows it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. What will he do with his newly gained capital?

New epics in this episode:

Episode Video:

Glossary of terms

Check out these articles to learn more about the general concepts of Swarm City.

Connect with the dev team

The Dev Team is always on the lookout for other developers who want to get involved. If you have Polymer or Solidity experience, feel free to reach out to #devhive in Riot. You can get a peek at the project by reviewing Github, here. To hang out where our community is, join us in Swarm City Slack.

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