Boxing, charity, and the supermodel Adriana Lima? Donate some crypto and enjoy all three!

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Boxing, charity, and the supermodel Adriana Lima? Donate some crypto and enjoy all of those!

Following our previous collaboration with CharityStars in which users could win a trip to Japan and meet Avril Lavigne by donating $10 worth of crypto, we’re launching one more awesome sweepstake available for crypto donors— this time with a famous supermodel Adriana Lima! 😉

What’s special about this campaign?

What makes this opportunity so awesome is not only that you can fly to Mexico and hang out with a supermodel for $10 — less than you’d usually pay for a cocktail in a bar. It’s also the fact that all the money raised within this campaign will go to Laureus Foundation — a charity that operates in 40 countries and promotes sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination, and disadvantage in their lives. Moreover, all the money raised will be converted into DAI stable coins and tracked on the blockchain, thus incentivizing one more international charity to operate transparently!

How can you participate?

As in all our sweepstakes, we offer the main prize to one randomly-picked donor who donated at least $10 plus we provide many other side rewards to those who donated more.

In this case, the main prize is a round-trip to Mexico City — the biggest city in North America — 2-night accommodation in a 5-star hotel plus a one-on-one boxing class with Adriana Lima — one of the most well-known Victoria Secret models who cares about charity as much as we do. In order to be eligible for winning this prize, you can donate as little as $10 in any of the 20 cryptos accepted by AIDPay.

If you donate more though, you will receive one of the guaranteed side prizes — ranging from a special t-shirt to a VIP seating for 2 at Adriana’s table at a Charity Dinner that’ll take place in the Mexico City in mid-May (a round-trip to Mexico and a two-night 5-star accommodation included).

Check out the full list of rewards here or see the screenshot below:

Participating in this campaign is as easy as making a donation on AIDChain — here’s a guide on how to make it:

  1. Go to the campaign’s page and choose the donation amount: you can either make just a minimum 10$ donation (2 entries) or donate more to get some cool side rewards.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the donation page where you can fill in your contact info — so we can send you a donation receipt eligible for tax deduction — and choose to donate with AIDPay in one of the 20 cryptocurrencies it supports;
  3. Now you’ll make the transaction: simply send your crypto to the indicated wallet as you’d usually do with donations at AIDChain.
    *Please note that the BTC block time is 10 minutes so it will take longer to process your transaction than if you donated in ETH or other cryptos.
The first two steps of donating $25 to the sweepstake

Once your donation is made, your crypto will get converted into DAI stable coins and sent to the sweepstake’s wallet, from where it’ll be transferred to the charity’s AIDChain wallet once the campaign is closed. At this stage, you’ll also receive a tax receipt eligible for a tax deduction to the email you’ve provided on the first page. For more details, read our post about tax deductions for crypto donations here.

Now that you’ve found out all you need to know about this awesome campaign — go and try your luck to hang out with one of the coolest supermodels in the world in one of the coolest cities in North America! In the end, even if you don’t win, you will help the children and spend just $10 which you would otherwise spend without even noticing 😉

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