Let’s help rebuild Notre-Dame: the first $5.000 donation batch from Eidoo received!

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On April 15th, 2019, a huge fire in Paris devastated large parts of the 850-year-old world-renown church Notre-Dame de Paris. Around 400 firefighters have been battling it for nine hours and yet, in the wake of the fire, the cathedral’s iconic spire has collapsed and the roof structure that dated back to the 13th century has been destroyed. The amazing cathedral that draws 13 mln tourists from all around the world each year is now in ruins!

A whole host of celebrities and companies around the world have already pledged millions in fiat donations but in times of tragedies of this scale when compassionate people from all around the globe want to make their donations ASAP, donating crypto is the best means to contribute to the cause fast and efficiently. That’s why as pioneers in the crypto charity sphere, we at AidCoin consider it our duty to encourage crypto projects and individual crypto holders to follow the example of their fiat-world counterparts and pledge their crypto support!

For this purpose, yesterday we launched a special fundraising campaign together with Eidoo — our long-time partner and the first donor to support the cause with a generous donation of $5.000 worth of ETH. As usual, the sum has been converted into DAI stable coins in order to conserve the full value of the donation and will be further tracked on blockchain to let everyone monitor the funds spending. Unlike the case with most of our other projects, though, this time we won’t charge any fees and will transfer the entire amount raised to the end beneficiary to encourage more donations in the shortest timespan.

The Notre-Dame fundraising page on AIDChain

Who is the end beneficiary?
As per the end beneficiary who’s going to help to restore the cathedral — we’re still choosing between different the options proposed by our potential corporate donors and governmental authorities. At the same time, we’re more than open to any suggestions from our community so please do share the options you deem most appropriate!

Help us get more blockchain projects to donate!
At the moment, we’re working on attracting more crypto projects that would like to follow Eidoo’s example and not just help to restore a world-renown landmark but do it most efficiently due to full transparency of the funds management as well as prove that crypto is a great mean of transferring value to where it’s most needed in the shortest time.

French Government to endorse crypto donations:
Furthermore, the fact that the French Government Minister is openly willing to support crypto donations gives our campaign all it takes to be truly transparent & efficient as well as show the potential of crypto donations to a wider public! All we need is to onboard as many donors as we can to raise a substantial amount that would capture the attention of the government officials and perhaps open the doors to future initiatives alike.

That’s why we’re hoping that our community and fellow blockchain projects will show as much support as possible to both help bring this amazing cultural heritage back to life and showcase the power of crypto as a great tool to make the world a better place!

Thank you for making your trackable donation here and stay in touch for more news!🙂

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