XDM Golden Hour Approaches

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Secure Dark Matter at the best prices of the IEO!

Price goes up 10% in Round #2, and each round after that. Don’t miss this chance.

What’s the supply?

There will be 71,000 XDM tokens to start. Every time someone moves XDM on the blockchain, a little bit of XDM gets burned as a transaction fee.

Golden Hour approaches

Only the top orders will execute on Saturday, May 25, at any time between 10–11 AM Central. Just like normal market rules, bids will fill in the order they were placed until 7100 XDM are sold. You will not know in advance the exact moment in the one-hour window that the bids will execute, so make sure you place your best bids.

Round #2 starts Sunday

Round 2 starts:

Sunday, May 26, 2019, 10am Central Time

Sunday, May 26, 2019, 17:00 UTC)

At that time the issuer will place a limit sell order at 10% above the average Round #1 executed order price.

Check your bids!

Don’t regret underbidding. Don’t regret overpaying.

Only 7100 XDM are available in the Round 1 auction. This means that not all bids will fill if there are orders totaling more than 7100 XDM. Bids are accepted first come, first served — in the order of highest price and oldest entry. In the case of multiple bids at the same price, earlier orders receive preference.

Competition for the limited supply is heating up, and bidding may intensify as the Golden Hour approaches. If you’re only bidding 10 ION/XDM, and there are enough bids to sell all 7100 XDM at higher prices, the lowest bids will not get filled.

On the flipside, if you bid 500 ION/XDM, you’ll pay 500 ION and only get 1 unit of Dark Matter, even if the next highest bid is 100 ION (and that bidder will pay only 100 ION for 1 unit of XDM). Pay attention to the bids around you to get the best price.

Review the Rules

The complete rules for the auction are available on All users must agree to these rules before they can participate in the market.

Happy Bidding!

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