Game On! — Introducing GameDock

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Game On! — Introducing GameDock

As we finish our roll-out of crypto gaming initiatives for 2019, it’s clear we saved the best for last. ionomy is looking to exponentially expand the use of crypto in gaming. We’re not competing with the isolated ETH communities like Enjin. As Chief Strategist Adam Matlack, reported in our latest live chat, “we’re competing with Amazon…” GameDock will put better crypto tools in the hands of more developers, and much sooner, than anything Amazon has on offer.

Matlack and ionomy General Manager Richard Nelson also demonstrated the “two click” process for developers to integrate GameGrid tournaments into their games. We also got a walk-through showing the new bracket tournament functionality, which will feature real player-vs-player action.

Watch the whole discussion right here:

ION Sharenodes ($IONSX) now paired with BTC at the ionomy Exchange

Effective immediately, the ionomy exchange features a new BTC/IONSX market. Earn passive Sharenode income with a minimum of 1 ION to lock in rewards. The more you lock in, the more you get back. At the same time, your IONSX is an asset that can be posted on the Exchange. You can earn masternode rewards while waiting for the market to hit your BTC price! Check it out here:

Can we have a date?

After much anticipation, and recent successful transactions on testnet, we are very proud to announce that, on May 17, 2019 ionomy will begin distribution of the Genesis token on the ION blockchain — DarkMatter is finally here.

DarkMatter ($XDM) is a low-supply, deflationary asset with outstanding store-of-value attributes. It is also the denomination required for creation of new tokens on the ION blockchain, giving it a vital utility. There will never be more than 71,000 XDM and the number will only go down from there. Access the White Paper at and stay tuned to ionomy news and social outlets for instructions as we approach this month’s release date.





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