ionomy partners with Lucky Tap Games for new GameGrid venture

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GameGrid debut

Two weeks ago, ionomy debuted GameGrid, a platform just for game developers.

GameGrid makes it easy for game developers to build crypto incentives into their games:

  • Design and deliver tournaments with crypto prizes
  • Give gamers true ownership of tradable gaming assets
  • Customize in-game currency for real money trading
  • Raise funds for new game development

Are you feeling Lucky?

Then last Friday, ionomy announced a major new partnership with Korean game studio Lucky Tap, signaling the valuable synergies between GameGrid services and the gaming space.

Lucky Tap makes mobile gambling apps, casino apps, and table games. There are two main types:

  • The first is virtual gaming with no real stakes in the game itself. You could play slots, for instance, without putting any real money at risk. Then ionomy adds an interesting twist! Players can compete for real money prizes by earning a spot on the ionomy leaderboard for overall performance on the virtual casino.
  • The second type of app involves real-stakes gaming. Lucky Tap is partnering with GameGrid so that players can use in-game stakes with their own assets. Cryptocurrency makes it possible to resist censorship and ionomy Connect links the gamer’s cryptocurrency wallets directly to gaming apps.

Through this exciting combination of technology and partnerships, ionomy is tapping into a market with massive demand.

You may have noticed how much fun we’re having presenting all the new features of our 2019 gaming initiative. We just don’t want this party to end. Through GameGrid development and the Lucky Tap partnership, ionomy is meeting consumers where they are: consoles, the web, and especially on mobile devices. And we’re meeting game developers where they are too by making it super-easy to design and modify crypto tournaments directly within the Unity framework they’re already using to build their games.

Meeting the markets where they are is essential. Taking them places they’ve never been is revolutionary.

ionomy is helping gamers and game developers enter new digital frontiers. We’re changing the way games are made and played.

The adventure continues…

This Friday, be sure to tune in for a GameGrid walk-through. Oh, uh… and one more thing. ionomy will also introduce another platform — one that will accommodate demand for real-stakes gaming.

Tune in Friday, April 26th, 8pm GMT (3pm Central) for the GameGrid walk-through and our next reveal.

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