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Today, Chief Strategist Adam Matlack and ionomy GM Richard Nelson announced GameGrid, a revolutionary platform for developers to leverage the power of blockchain.

GameGrid lets developers focus on games while crypto experts like ionomy simplify integration to bring (and keep) more people playing. A few highlights include:

  • Gamecloud support means that GameGrid manages the data, progress and game assets;
  • Unity3D API, which means plug-and-play integration with the most popular building tool used by independent game developers;
  • Bracket Tournaments, leagues and head-to-head challenges, for more incentivization options;
  • Integration beyond mobile gaming, to allow crypto incentives on console and desktop games;
  • Crowdfunding tools built right into the GameGrid platform.

That’s all a pretty big deal, but we’re just scratching the surface. More awesome features are on the way.

By the time you’re reading this, we will have already opened the sign-up form for developers to start beta testing GameGrid. It’s ready.

And get ready for another YouTube Live next week when we’ll talk more about partners, and give you a more comprehensive walk-through of the GameGrid platform.

In the meantime, the button below will take you straight to the freshly launched for a sneak preview.GameGrid Preview

PocketNode to launch with ION support

ION masternodes will be among the charter assets supported by PocketNode, a masternode hosting app in your pocket! Release of the PocketNode app for Android and iOS is imminent.

The masternode community is a special group within the crypto space and we just love being part of it. Last year we introduced Sharenodes — fractional shares of masternode rewards that are also tradable! Now, with the exciting innovations at PocketNode, we are thrilled to be invited to the party.

If you’re interested in both passive income and secure networks, then you’re ready to host masternodes. Now, you can do it on the go with PocketNode.

Learn More

Masternode Timelock is almost here

The implementation of ION Improvement Protocol #4 will take place shortly and will bring larger block rewards to those who make a longer commitment to masternode operation.

You can read the IIP itself over on GitHub, but the short version goes like this: Right now there is no timelock and masternodes share block rewards evenly with staking wallets. The IIP sets a schedule of time lock options in varying durations, ranging from 30 days of lock all the way up to 540 days. As the time commitment grows, that masternode percentage of the block goes up.

So, for example, at 30 days of lock the proportion of block reward is 55/45 in favor of the masternode. At 90 days of lock, the ratio goes to 60/40, and so on.

IIP#4 is a community-approved change to the ION blockchain protocol that will incentivize the commitment of more computing power to increase security and scalability.

Try to keep up, okay?

There’s a lot of awesome developments happening in and around the ION ecosystem. But don’t worry, it’s easy. Just follow us on any of the channels below to stay informed.






And don’t forget to tune in to another ionomy Live! special event next Friday, April 19! Subscribe to ionomy on YouTube and never miss a thing.

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