Crypto Gravity returns

IONOMY | 07.17| 50

The game that started it all now makes a triumphant return as ionomy Studios proudly announces the release of Crypto Gravity 2.0 on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Lead character Grav returns to confront deadly robots and jump his way through a maze of challenges as he fights to beat the clock. The touch-and-tilt controls are easy to learn as you steer through increasing levels of difficulty.

This time out, Grav is facing tougher enemies in more deadly flavors. To better combat these new foes, there is now a gear store where you can power up with advanced weaponry, stronger defenses, and increased jumping power.

With a free account, every player is eligible to win tournament prizes, paid in ION, if they place highly enough on the leaderboard.

The new tournament cycle begins upon release.

Available: Monday, March 25th, at 00:01 GMT

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