To Stake or Not to Stake? The Benefits of Staking ONT

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Last month we celebrated two years since the launch of the Ontology MainNet, coupled with the unveiling of Ontology 2.0, which saw the integration of a number of community suggested upgrades to our MainNet.

Guaranteeing the future development and success of our ecosystem remains our number one priority and we want to make it as easy as possible for every individual to get involved in our network. This is why our new staking model, rolled out on 7th July, lowers the barrier for entry for users to stake their tokens and run a node. As well as securing the Ontology network, staking ONT now provides rates currently ranging from 7% up to 40% APY depending on the node, which are competitively high rates amongst both public chain staking yields and DeFi yields.

Keep scrolling to read about the advantages for individual stakers.

Benefits for individual stakers

  • In a bid to encourage more stakers to participate and earn ONG rewards, the minimum stake requirements have been lowered from 500 ONT to 1 ONT.
  • As part of our new governance and staking economic model, the ONG fee per transaction will be increased fivefold from 0.01 ONG to 0.05 ONG, which helps stakers earn more from network fees.
  • The staking yield fluctuates in real-time and is affected by:

(a) Network operation and staking status

(b) Fee-sharing ratio set by the nodes

(c) Node ranking (only the top 49 nodes can receive the Foundation bonus)

(d) ONT and ONG price

Users can switch between nodes and sort them by their Annual Percentage Yields (APY), helping users easily identify the nodes with the highest rewards. You can check out the latest figures for each node and learn more at

Staking Revenue Estimate

Before you begin staking, you can use our Node & Staking Yield Calculator, which is available at

Please note that the effective yield depends on a number of dynamic variables, such as the price of ONT and ONG, the total staked amount on the network, and the total ONT staked on each node. The results are based on our own prediction formulas, and we do not guarantee any specific accuracy. The result is only a rough estimate and should not be used as financial advice.

Step by step

For example, if you choose to stake 900000 ONT on OKEx Pool, the expected yield rate is 8.24% (a figure at the time we used the calculator, it may change in real-time).

For more details on the yield calculation methods for consensus and candidate nodes, please refer to Ontology Staking Incentive Calculation.

Start staking now by downloading ONTO or OWallet!

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